Sri Lanka Wildlife Tour

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Sri Lanka boasts a remarkable diversity of mammals. Indeed it is one of the finest places in all of Asia to see both a range of widespread but spectacular megafauna along with many wonderful endemic and near endemic species. With habitats ranging from cool wet forests in the misty highlands, to lowland dry forests, through to coral-fringed sandy beaches, every day offers something new and exciting. Sri Lanka is also the only place where one can expect to see both of the world’s largest land and marine mammals – Elephant and Blue Whale! We will also visit Yala National Park, a beautiful reserve that holds one of the highest densities of Leopard on Earth, while we also have excellent chances of finding the impressive Sloth Bear. Along the way we will look out for a fascinating array of interesting smaller mammals including Rusty-spotted Cat, Jungle Cat, Grey Slender Loris and Golden Palm Civet.

Add to this a fascinating, well preserved history and vibrant culture, stunning endemic birdlife, friendly and welcoming people and excellent food and you have the makings for a truly marvelous tour!

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