Rockjumper Wildlife Tours: Destination: Namibia

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A land of startling natural beauty, vast open spaces and a surprisingly diverse wildlife compliment, which combined makes for an unforgettable wilderness experience. A land of immense contrast, eerie landscapes, unforgiving elements and a soul soothing stillness away from the rush associated with western worlds. Namibia covers an area in access of 319 000 square miles, housing a mere 2.2 million people. The low population can be attributed to the country’s harsh geography, the coastal Namib Desert, central semiarid mountains and the Kalahari Desert in eastern Namibia. Independence was gained from South Africa in 1990, which previously took it from Germany during World War 1.

Namibia’s most famous National Park, the Etosha National Park lures wildlife enthusiasts from every corner of the globe to view nature unfold in its rawest form. Thirst driven animals seeking respite from the harsh midday heat, make their way to a few sparsely dotted waterholes, encountering scores of opportunistic predators waiting to benefit from their desperation. Instinct alerts the animals of their vulnerability as they are forced to turn their backs on those they fear the most. Explosions of dust and fast fleeing animals make for very enviable sightings and photographic opportunities. Predators take full advantage of these eruptions, feeding off this state of confusion.

Complimenting Namibia’s Etosha National Park with its abundance of mammals and birds is the arid landscape surrounding Sossusvlei. Images of these towering red sand dunes and petrified Acacia trees have spread the pages of countless magazines and are an absolute must to visit. The atmosphere surrounding this area is a mixture of calmness, desolation and startling beauty. These majestic red dunes are some of the oldest and highest in the world. Most of these dunes exceed a height of 200 meters, with “Big Daddy” towering at an incredible 380 meters being the tallest in the Sossusvlei area. Aerial views of this incredible landscape is another option to strongly consider, whether being from a light aircraft or a hot air balloon, giving a very different perspective of this amazing landscape. Join us on an unforgettable adventure and see for yourself why these dry and dusty conditions associated with this part of Africa, lends itself to a very unique wildlife experience.