Mongolia - Snow Leopards & Birds

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The vast and virtually uninhabited lands of Mongolia have captivated the minds of explorers for as long as people have known of it. The landscapes and wildlife have had a draw on naturalists looking for something different. Long recognized for its scenic beauty, wonderful birdlife and plentiful mammalian fauna, it is now set to possibly become the premier place to encounter the enigmatic Snow Leopard.
During this tour, we venture into the Altai Mountains. A stay of nearly a week will allow us to properly explore this remote locale. Based in a relatively comfortable ger camp, we stand a very reasonable chance of encountering the once near-mythical Snow Leopard. Compared with the other places in the Himalayas where one might now seek out the ‘Gray Ghost’, this site is at low elevation, and one needs to walk minimal distances to access the very best areas for seeing the big cat!
Other mammals abound in this region, including Urial, Siberian Ibex, the fast-declining Saiga and Goitered Gazelle. We will also visit Hustai National Park for Przewalski’s Horse, Black-tailed Gazelle and perhaps even Grey Wolf. Many other smaller mammals and some excellent birds are all on offer in this truly wild and remote setting!

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Mongolia - Snow Leopards & Birds 2023 Mongolia - Snow Leopards & Birds 2023
31 Jul 2023 - 11 Aug 2023