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Madagascar is often referred to as the “Eighth Continent” due to its size and isolation. Its exceptional fauna and flora have uniquely evolved over millions of years in this appropriately named “laboratory of evolution”. The island’s legendary uniqueness is best reflected by its plethora of amazing lemurs, colourful chameleons, one hundred and forty endemic or near endemic bird species, and a fascinating array of endemic flora, all of which combine to make for a truly exceptional safari!


The strikingly patterned lemurs and sifakas will, no doubt, form a major focus of our attention on this Madagascar wildlife tour, and spending time with groups of these gentle creatures will certainly be one of many highlights of our Madagascar adventures. That said, a trip to Madagascar offers numerous stunning bird viewing opportunities and the incredible reptile and amphibian (“herp”) fauna is equally fascinating. Even the most hardened birder or mammal enthusiast would not fail to be impressed by the variety of frogs, chameleons and geckos to be found here.


Other animals we will endeavor to see on this Madagascar wildlife tour include civets, strange tenrecs (the planet’s most primitive mammals), huge Flying Foxes (sporting 1.25 metre wingspans!), brightly patterned chameleons, cryptic leaf-tailed geckos, and even several of the world’s most bizarre-looking insects (including the celebrated Giraffe-necked Weevil.)


The diverse array of creatures on offer on our Madagascar wildife tour – be it multi-coloured Mantella frogs in the eastern rainforests, or languid Ring-tailed Lemurs taking in the early morning sun, make for an extremely rewarding Madagascan wildlife experience! Our carefully crafted safari of this incredible island takes in much of this legendary uniqueness, and we can expect to return with many brilliant images of some our planet’s most outlandish animals!

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