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kenya wildlife tours
Little introduction is necessary for this world famous wildlife destination in East Africa. Made famous by the annual Great Wildebeest Migration, the BBC Big Cat Diary series that warmed our hearts to the numerous predators who’s lives we got to know so intimately and then off course the spectacular wildlife images which grace the covers of countless magazines worldwide. Mention the name in any public area and you will have the attention of anyone with a passion for Africa’s great plains and its wild inhabitants.
kenya wildlife tours
The Maasai Mara National Reserve is one of Kenya’s biggest draw cards to international tourism and offers a mind-blowing number and diversity of both mammal and avian life. An area of breathtaking vastness, soul soothing sunsets and a deafening silence only interrupted by the sounds of its wildlife.
kenya wildlife tours
Majority of the camps in the Maasai Mara have been there for many years and the animals have become very accustomed to their presence and often the best game viewing during our Kenya wildlife tours happens from the comfort of your camp itself. At night, Hippopotamus brush against your tent as they graze on the taller grass at the base of your canvas accommodation. With cushioned soles of thick skin and muscle, a herd of Elephant move through camp making their presence noticeable by a few breaking branches only. The eerie whooping sounds of the nearby Hyena clan, taunting the king of beasts in an age-old feud and an ever-present rivalry. Together with the almighty roar of the African Lion, these are the sounds that will put you to sleep at night.
kenya wildlife tours
The annual Wildebeest migration is arguably one of the most incredible wildlife spectacles on the planet, attracting human spectators from all nationalities across the globe to the plains of the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya and the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. An estimated 1.5 million wildebeest and hundreds of thousands of Zebra and Gazelle will make the same arduous 1800 mile journey, following the rains in search of better quality grazing. On their journey, they face incredible hardship in the way of treacherous river crossings with strong currents, steep banks and hungry crocodiles. This is also the time of plenty for the larger predators, which they will come into contact with along the way. An estimated one-quarter of a million wildebeest will not repeat this cycle due to these obstacles. The photographic opportunities that accompany this natural phenomena is at best described us mind-blowing with almost uninterrupted predator and prey interaction. Our Kenya wildlife tours are undoubtedly incredible once in a lifetime experiences!
kenya wildlife tours

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