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India is justly famous for its iconic mammalian mega fauna, foremost of which is the Royal Bengal Tiger. This regal cat, the largest of all felines, may sadly be the first of the big cats that we condemn to extinction, and the opportunity to encounter this majestic beast is the apex of India’s wildlife highlights. Kanha and Bandhavgarh, located in the state of Madhya Pradesh within the heart of India, are widely considered two of the best reserves to encounter this threatened species. We will of course not ignore the other wildlife of these bountiful reserves and chances exist for Leopard and Sloth Bear to mention a few. Our post extension to Kaziranga National Park takes us across this vast subcontinent to Assam in Eastern India where we should experience supreme views of armor plated One-horned Rhinoceros, heavily muscled Guar and herds of wild Indian Elephant parading nearby.
We invite you on an unforgettable safari to view and photograph some of India’s most iconic mammals as well as its diverse and colourful cultures!

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