Central African Republic Wildlife Tour

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The Central African Republic, a rather little known and still extremely under-visited part of the world, offers some of the best lowland rainforest wildlife viewing on the African continent. Natural bais – open areas surrounded by tall primary forest, offer fabulous opportunities to see some of the regions incredible wildlife including Forest Elephant, Forest Buffalo, Red River and Giant Forest Hogs, Sitatunga and even Bongo and Western Lowland Gorilla.

Our base has been carefully selected in the peaceful south of the country and located within the magnificent Dzanga-Sangha National Park. Here a variety of activities can be enjoyed including one of the greatest wildlife experiences on the planet – trekking Western Lowland Gorillas! Boat trips along the beautiful and pristine Kadei River, lovely forest trails, spending time with local Ba’aka Pygmies and even opportunities to visit a Picathartes (Rockfowl) nesting area are all wonderful experiences that only add to the allure of the area.

The area is also well known for harbouring high densities of Pangolin so our chances of finding these typically very rare and unusual mammals is excellent. Other highlights during our time in the magnificent Dzanga-Sangha Reserve could include Potto, Thomas’s Galago, African Palm Civet, Beecroft’s Anomalure and monkeys like De Brazza’s, Putty-nosed, Crowned Guenon, Guereza Colobus, Agile Mangabey and much more.

The birding here can also be excellent and while Grey-necked Rockfowl (Picathartes) certainly stands out as a major highlight others such as Grey Parrot, Grant’s Bluebill, Vermiculated Fishing Owl, Fraser’s Eagle Owl, Hartlaub’s Duck, Congo Serpent Eagle, Forest Francolin, a possible 8 species of forest hornbill, Gosling’s Apalis, localised Red-crowned Malimbe and Woodhouse’s Antpecker are all high quality species as well.

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