Antarctica Cruises

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Antarctica, for many world travellers, is surely the ultimate destination! The aura of this magical place stems in part from its absolute remoteness, as well as the history of its exploration by the many intrepid men who battled such incredible hardships to avail it for future investigation.
Things have changed, however, and the icy mountains, rugged coastlines, numerous islands and icebergs that so challenged these heroic explorers now delight the modern traveller who can journey to this fabled land in relative comfort and safety. The scenic settings are as magnificent as any on earth, and the scale of nearly everything is grand to say the least. Complementing these astounding vistas are vast colonies of majestic penguins, brash skuas, giant petrels, weird sheathbills, somnolent seals and feeding whales that all add life to the region’s stark and amazing beauty.
Our voyage traverses some of the most interesting areas in the Southern Ocean, notably the Falkland and South Georgia Islands, both of which are renowned as among the richest of all subantarctic islands. South Georgia’s rugged beauty is worthy of Antarctica itself, while the Falkland Islands are better known as the battlegrounds for the 1982 Anglo-Argentine War. Several days are spent at sea, cruising from one island group to the next until we find ourselves at the very tip of the icy continent itself. These crossings provide thrilling pelagic birding, with huge numbers of albatrosses, petrels, prions, skuas and other seabirds making a daily appearance. Cetaceans are also regular, ranging from the largest whales to the striking Hourglass and Commerson’s Dolphin. This journey to Antarctica is an once-in-a-lifetime experience – except of course for those who love it so much that they simply have to return!
As with all our expeditions, safety is our top priority. For that reason weather, ice or other conditions may require us to change our itinerary and shore excursions as we go but that is half the fun of Polar exploring. Predictability is a word that has no relevance in this environment. Please note: This day-by-day Expedition itinerary is a guideline only and the program is dependent upon weather and ice conditions, as well as wildlife.

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