Customized Private Tours

Rockjumper Wildlife Tours’ customized safari itineraries are designed by our team of safari experts and are built on our client’s specific interests, whether it is wildlife, cultural, scenic or focused on the accommodation itself. We furthermore introduce our clients to the safari highlights each destination has to offer and thereby presenting our clients with a more comprehensive introduction to their dream safari. This enables our clients to make more informative decisions.

Customized Extension Tours

Most of our Africa safari itineraries are easily combined to present a more complete and cost effective safari experience, the proverbial “kill two birds with one stone”. The advantages of a combined safari itinerary not only lie in a more fulfilled safari experience, but also proves more cost effective, saving on flights and off course a commodity we all hold dear, the commodity of time!

Please Note

Our Scheduled Safari itineraries can also be used as an introduction for our clients to safari options available to them in each country and can easily be molded into a customized itinerary to incorporate other points of interest.