Ethiopian Wolf

Ethiopia is, in many ways, the most unique country in Africa; with a history, culture, landscape and collection of wildlife that set it apart from the rest of the continent. One of the most impressive features of the country is the vast highlands, offering up some of the most stunning scenery on the continent and a whole host of endemic wildlife.

The highland endemic Ethiopian Wolf is a strikingly beautiful, but highly endangered, canid. These wolves roam above the treeline at 3,000 meters above sea level and higher; wherever mole-rats and other rodent prey occur in high densities. They are now confined to six small populations in Ethiopia, tallying probably less than 500 individuals. 

About half of the remaining Ethiopian Wolf population is to be found on the Sanetti Plateau of the Bale Mountains National Park. One of the highlights of our upcoming Ethiopia Wildlife Tour will be the opportunity to observe the rarest canid in the world stalking its rodent prey through the Lobelia-dotted moorland of this magnificent park.

Spending time with this beautiful rufous and white wolf is surely going to be one of the high points on our journey that takes in both the Simien and Bale Mountains, along with Awash National Park and the Rift Valley.

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