Botswana offers some of the best wildlife watching experiences in the world. Here vast, largely uninhabited tracts of wilderness remain, populated with sprawling herds of game and the carnivores that prey on them.

The apex predator of the Botswanan ecosystem is the Lion. Having disappeared completely from about half of the African countries it once inhabited, Botswana remains one of the last strongholds where large numbers of Lion still roam unfenced wildernesses.

Apart from their healthy population, the Botswanan Lions are well-known for their inclination to hunt game larger than their counterparts elsewhere in Africa. In particular, they will regularly take down Buffalo and even Elephant!

During our upcoming Botswana Wildlife and Victoria Falls tour, we will be visiting the prime Lion viewing areas of Botswana: Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park. Whilst we would, of course, have to be extremely fortunate to witness a lion hunt we can look forward to some great Lion encounters and will be on the lookout for the many other carnivores in this wilderness: Leopard, Cheetah, African Wild Dog, and smaller felines, jackals, foxes, and mongoose. We will also have ample time to watch the abundant game that they are following: from Elephants and Buffalo to majestic Sable and localized Red Lechwe. To cap off some of the best wildlife watching the world has to offer, we will end our tour at the legendary Victoria Falls.

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