Mountain Gorilla

Since their discovery in 1902 by Captain Oscar von Beringe, the Mountain Gorilla has been considered one of the most iconic mammal species in the world.   Their existence in the Virunga Mountains led to the creation of Africa’s first national park in 1925.  Recent years have seen a gradual increase in Mountain Gorilla population to 880 individuals, spread over three countries: Rwanda, Uganda and DCR.

During our Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Safari, we visit one of their strongholds, Volcanoes National Park.  Based at a wonderful lodge on the edge of the park, we will go trekking with the gorillas on two separate days.  This allows us two opportunities to spend time with these gentle giants.  We will also have a chance to observe Golden Monkeys and visit the grave of Dian Fossey, an American researcher whose life was dedicated to the conservation of these gorillas.

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