When walking through the rainforests of Analamazoatra Special Reserve, it doesn’t take long to hear the haunting, eerie wails of an Indri. A careful approach results in the ever-increasing intensity of the wails; until, eventually, you will get close enough to see an Indri – probably feeding on its favored fruits or perhaps bounding from tree to tree using its incredibly long legs.

Spending quality time with Indri in the endemic-packed eastern rainforests of Madagascar is a dream for all primate lovers. This striking black and white lemur is the largest still living. Unusual for a lemur, it is virtually tailless. And while most lemurs are vocal, this one is especially so. Hearing its amazing wailing is arguably as exciting as seeing this beautiful lemur itself.

Sadly, the Indri is highly threatened; with at best a population in the low thousands, clinging to survival in the rugged eastern rainforests of the island. Happily, the population that we will visit is in a large, well-protected reserve area and is thriving. Highly skilled local guides are sure to track down at least a couple of family groups of this must-see species.

We are introducing a new Madagascar itinerary – visiting several of the country’s premiere wildlife-viewing locations, including Analamazoatra and Mantadia, home of the Indri. We will also visit Ranomafana – home to a staggering 13 species of lemur, including Golden Bamboo Lemur. The Isalo area should add charismatic Ring-tailed Lemur and Verreaux’s Sifaka, and we will wind up in some luxury at Anjajavy, where Coquerel’s Sifaka highlights another 10 or so possible species of lemur! Visiting some of the best sites in the country, using charter flights and staying in some of the finest accommodations, we are calling it Madagascar in Style. Why not join us?!

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