Verreaux’s Sifaka

Madagascar is home to some of the most unique wildlife anywhere on our planet.  The island’s long isolation has fueled evolution in extraordinary directions.  The most well-known inhabitants of the island are of course the lemurs.

Sifakas are amongst the largest and most endearing members of the lemur family.  Nine species exist; all are diurnal and primarily arboreal.  The Verreaux’s Sifaka is the southernmost member of the family and is at home in the incredible spiny forests.  All sifakas bound between trees in an enchanting fashion, but to watch this species jump between the wickedly-thorned Didiera trees of the spiny forest is just incredible.

What’s more, Verreaux’s Sifaka routinely descend to the ground where they bounce along with their arms outstretched.  This is the famous “dancing sifaka” and it is nowhere easier to observe this than at Berenty Reserve.

On our upcoming Madagascar Wildlife Tour, we are going to spend plenty of time observing the delightful Verreaux’s Sifaka of Berenty.  This same reserve also place host to large numbers of inquisitive and beautiful Ring-tailed Lemurs.  We will also be visiting the dry forests and rainforests of the country to ensure a well-rounded lemur-watching experience and will of course take time to enjoy the other mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and botany that make this island a must visit!

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