The lofty heights of the mighty Abyssinian Highlands still harbor a wealth of extraordinary wildlife. Here in the small recessive corners, where humans have yet to reside, lives a striking and fascinating species of primate known as Gelada. Once considered a baboon, they are in fact of their own genus, Theropithicus, of which they are the sole extant member. Interestingly fossil records show that the genus was once widespread throughout eastern and northern Africa, southern Europe and India, but is now restricted to the mountains of northern Ethiopia.

Gelada are an extremely social species and wander about the cliffs and moors of these stunning highlands in groups of up to a thousand animals! Encounters with troops of Gelada typically rank right up there with some of the most incredible wildlife encounters imaginable, as they typically permit prolonged and close observation. The finest Gelada experiences are to be had in the beautiful Simien Mountains National Park, and spending time with these amazing animals is sure to be a highlight of our upcoming Ethiopia Endemic Wildlife Tour.

To read more about Geladas, see Adam Riley’s excellent blog about them.

Ethiopia offers up many unique and fascinating cultural experiences, a vast history and some spell-binding scenery as well. The region is also a dream destination for mammal enthusiasts and during our tour we will enjoy watching not only large groups of Gelada, but a variety of other first class mammals such as Ethiopian (Simien) Wolf, Mountain Nyala, Beisa Oryx and the very rare Walia Ibex amongst many others. 

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