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Tigers in India and so much more – Ranthambore National Park!

India is justifiably known as THE place to see Tiger. At the turn of the last century, this magnificent predator ranged throughout much of Asia, from Turkey to Bali and north into Russia. Myriad threats have greatly reduced the population, and in the past century the Tiger has disappeared from over 90% of that range. It now persists in just isolated pockets, and only in a few of these are there still high densities. The majority of the world’s Tigers […]

Best of Botswana & Victoria Falls Trip Report

Best of Botswana & Victoria Falls Wildlife Safari – Trip Report Trip report compiled by Tour Leader, André Bernon The wildlife haven that is Botswana definitely delivered on this mobile safari tour. We started in Maun, the gateway to the Okavango Delta. A memorable charter flight over the Delta gave us fantastic aerial views of this oasis, with the great expanse thereof only being really appreciated from the air. We visited Moremi, Khwai and the Chobe Parks and had many […]


One of the highlights of our upcoming Botswana Wildlife Tour will be the opportunity to find and spend time with the endangered African Wild Dog. Wild Dogs, aka Hunting Dogs or Painted Wolves, are amongst the rarest of the large carnivores in Africa. While rare and elusive, once found, they offer arguably some of the most exciting wildlife watching experiences. They are highly social, largely diurnal and very active! Until recently, African Wild Dogs ranged widely through much of Africa. […]

A September afternoon at Nebrownii Waterhole, Etosha National Park, Namibia by Adam Riley

One of Africa’s great reserves is the incredible Etosha National Park in northern Namibia. This vast, arid wilderness of 22,750 square kilometers is centered around the seemingly endless Etosha Pan, a saline depression that irregularly fills with rainwater and at these times attracts millions of flamingoes and other waterbirds (as is the current situation.) Several natural and artificial waterholes scattered through the park quench the thirst of an incredibly varied and large population of grazers and predators. Earlier this month […]

The Geladas of Ethiopia by Adam Riley

(This blog first appeared on focusingonwildlife.com) Geladas are the sole survivors of a once abundant branch of primates that historically foraged across the grasslands of Africa, the Mediterranean and India. These relics of times gone by now cling to a precarious existence on the sheer cliffs of Ethiopia’s mountains, from which each morning they materialize, to forage on nearby moorlands, before disappearing down the precipices in the evening. Male Gelada in his prime For those who have heard of these […]

Snow Leopard Hunt by Adam Riley

It was our third day in high elevation Hemis National Park, we had awakened before dawn and chugged down a mug of life-giving coffee before ascending a few hundred yards to a knoll above our tented camp in the Rhumbak Valley. Our group watching the first Snow Leopard from a knoll above our camp in Hemis National Park At this very spot, on our first afternoon in the park, and within half an hour of officially beginning our Snow Leopard […]